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Empower Your
Digital Marketing
with our
Trust & Safety and Feed services

Discover a more efficient and reliable way to eliminate policy hassle and optimize feeds

Trust and safety is integral to
Digital Advertising strategy

Ensuring a trustworthy and secure digital experience comes at a price. It requires your website and ads to align with the customer's expectations and platform-specific guidelines and adhere to country-specific regulations. Notably, a few business domains, such as Healthcare, Services, and other consulting sectors are more susceptible to oversight in policy adherence. At the same time, many e-commerce retailers struggle to maintain feed quality, and fall for product data mismatches.

While compliance with the Trust and Safety policies yields business continuity and a competitive edge, it also entails additional costs for digital advertisers. In general, these costs fall into two categories:

  1. Cost to Compliance

  2. Cost of Inaction

Cost to compliance

For small and medium businesses it becomes very tedious and costly when they need to

  1. 400+ Google Ads policies to comply with,  needs immense operation effort and diligence to stay compliant, and

  2. 10% of the marketing budget is spent on average to resolve compliance issues

Digital Marketing Budget share (2).png

Cost of Inaction


10 days is the average time it takes to reactivate an account once suspended for a policies



Advertisers achieve 20%  lesser CTR and 50% lesser clicks because  of non-optimized feed



5% product listings in the Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) are always suspended



Only 17% counterfeit products are never reported, while 78% brands find their counterfeits selling online

We help optimize your Advertising Costs,
that's where we Shine


Policy Experts

10+ years of experience in making policies at Google, helping advertisers to overcome suspension. We know exactly what it takes to resolve compliance issues


Trained Ops team

We have a team of 20+ dedicated and smart folks, trained in content moderation, fixing policy issues, and feed/campaign optimization services


Feed Masters

Our team specializes in resolving Google merchant center feed issues and troubleshooting crawlers. So, no more ad suspensions due to data mismatch


Automated Alerts

Stay on top of your Ads performance,, and get deeper insight with out red, orange, and Yellow alerts.

Know within minutes, if your Product listings or Ads are suspended


Feed Optimizers

We have a track record of achieving more than 250% Return on Ad Spend, by optimizing the Merchant Center feed, and optimizing Ad campaigns


Domain experience

From e-commerce to healthcare, we've tackled diverse ads policy challenges for ouclients in retail, healthcare, dental, real estate, travel, and more


All Google Formats

We have experience with Search Text Ads, Shopping Ads, Performance Max, Retargeting Local Ads, Free listings, and Vehicle Ads. Anything Google, we can help


Risk Audits

We proactively assess and detect any policy or product data risks. We have developed exhaustive checklists for individual policies to Audit websites and product feed

Know more about our Services

Consulting a client to resolve issues with digital Ads

Meet Rajanikar Kumar,
Our Founder, ex- Googler

Before founding XafeAds, Rajanikar spearheaded Trust & Safety at Google, specializing in Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. With hands-on experience in designing and enforcing Ads policies, he guided countless advertisers and shaped Google Ads Policies while enhancing operational standards with advanced analytics.

His mission: forging a secure, trustworthy advertising ecosystem for advertisers, publishers, and Ads platforms.

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