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Trust and Safety Consultation

Consulting to resolve digital Ads suspension

Reactivate your suspended account and ads at earliest to earn every penny you rightfully deserve. We deliver fast and efficient resolution to your account or ads enforcement challenges. Say goodbye to business downtime and welcome uninterrupted operations.

1 / Account and Ads Re-activation

Complete support for resuming and reactivating your ads to bring your business back on track

3 / Support Policy Susceptible Ads

Ads in Healthcare such as Supplements, Personaized products, Teeth Aligners etc. are the most susceptible to suspension. We have helped advertisers to enable their ads for these products

2 / Account Onboarding Support

Review of feed, landing pages and websites before review, the way they are orignially reviewed

Feed & Campaign Optimization

Collobaration with us is a win-win game

Experience unparalleled growth! Achieve over 200% conversion boost with our expert Feed Optimization Services. We decode user influence factors, conducting precise experiments to enhance your creatives, targeting, and website content for maximum impact!

1 / Feed Upload

We support feed upload across Google and Meta through Sheets, Files or API. Unlike many feed apps, we help absolute feed completion that help improve conversion

3 / Product feed Optimization

Optimize conversion through data-driven A/B testing of Google Merchant Center feed attributes (Title, Description, Price, Promotion etc) that best fits the user behavior

5 / Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page experience is critical for a user to complete purchase journey. We analyse your conversion funnel and user engagement, and help optimize Landing Page by running extensive A/B experiments

2 / Feed Hygiene

Our compliance audit and Automated policy checks ensures ads' and account's policy hygiene and maintains business continuity

4 / Ads Campaign Optimization

We run experiments to find Ad creatives, Formats or Targets that brings best results for your business.

Brand Safety Solutions

Counterfeit Furla bag

Our brand safety solutions are crafted to shield your brand reputation in the digital landscape. With our advanced operation and sophisticated classifiers, we effectively combat brand risks and safeguard your online presence.

1 / Web Monitoring

Through 24*7 surveillance of top results in ad platforms/SERPs, we identify any fake, counterfeit or knock-offs of your brand promoted online

3 / Content Moderation

We empower brands by ensuring their ads are strategically placed on reputable websites, while assisting publishers in preventing the display of counterfeit ads.

2 / Counterfeit Reporting

Reporting ads is the best way to remove counterfeit and fake ads from the ad platforms like Google, Meta. As your authorized partner, we find and report counterfeits and monitor search results on SERPs until the counterfeits are removed

4 / Manage Exclusions

We manage your Brand Safety Targeting for Google DV360 and Meta's Suitability Hub. With your impression level data we keep your domain exclusions updated and eliminate any risk to Brands

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