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XafeAds Mission

Protecting your Users.
Protecting your Revenue.
Protecting your Brand.

We are Trust and Safety experts

10+ years in Trust business

We have in-depth understanding of Trust and Safety policies. We have framed several policies for Google, and have precise Ad reactivation insights

80+ Accounts Reactivated

We have reactivated 80+ advertiser Accounts and millions of Ads, unlocking billion dollars. Beneficiaries of our services include the top businesses in  Telecom, Furniture, Healthcare, Apparel Sector

Analytics experts

We are experts in solving business problems using Analytics. We excel in defining Metrics, generating Insights, making Data Pipelines, train Classifiers, and identifying Growth opportunities

Commitment to your Marketing budget

We enable you to get maximum out of your marketing campaigns.We help unblocking revenue and providing a secure safety net for your Digital Ads and Accounts.

With us
Trust and Safety compliance never feels like an overhead, rather, it will gain you a competitive advantage

Our Partners

Saundh store


increase in clicks

achieved by optimizing the product titles at Saundh.

Through our proactive feed reviews, we prevented account-level action and ads suspension, by identifying 20% of feed having Price Mismatch. 

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